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Mets P Collin McHugh tweets smack about sweep of Yankees, wisely deletes it

MLB: New York Mets-Photo Day

There isn’t anything wrong with the New York Mets puffing out their collective chests a bit and feeling some pride after pulling off a four-game, home-and-home sweep of the in-town rival New York Yankees. But there might be something wrong with a pitcher who hasn’t even made a start this season and has only appeared in two measly games talking smack on Twitter about it.

Collin McHugh, who is scheduled to make his first start of the season on Saturday, took to Twitter on Thursday night and unleashed the following: “You can call us the NYC Sanitation Dept. because we just SWEPT the yankees from Queens to the Bronx.”

(looks at Yankees record — 30-23 — looks at Mets record — 22-29)

Unfortunately, there is no way to embed the tweet from his Twitter account, nor is there a screengrab of it (Update Below). Because, according to the New York Daily News, the tweet quickly was deleted. Good call.

Oh, and in those two brief appearances this season? McHugh has pitched three innings, given up six hits, four earned runs, two homers and has an ERA of 12.00. Not numbers that should afford him any inclination that he should do anything else but keep his mouth shut. Granted, McHugh is just a kid, but still.

Yeah, you just might want to cool it on the Twitter smack talk, son. Crap, this kid has better perspective on the Mets than McHugh does.


Thanks to The Other Paper, here’s a screengrab of the now-infamous tweet: