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Hey, brides-to-be: Outfit your bridesmaids in a Bears or Packers dress (photo)


Hoo boy. Granted, the style of the dresses pictured above bearing a Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears theme should not be limited to a wedding. They could be used for more formal events, say a ball or prom, a super-fancy tailgate party, even. In fact, with the veil, the Packers version certainly could be a bridal gown as well. Neato.

But if you ask me, these dresses scream bridesmaids dresses. Imagine, bride-to-be: Your walking down the aisle. The flower girl is tossing petals of the respective team colors ahead of you. And as you look up at the altar, there stand your bridesmaids, adorned and looking resplendent in one of these dresses. And as your gaze turns to your gallant groom, there he stands, beaming … while wearing a foam block of cheese atop his head. Or one of these bad boys. You know, depending on whether you and your soon-to-be hubby are Packer-backers or Bears fans.

Further for the Packer-backing couple, instead of a limo, why not pony up the $6,900 and buy this Packers helmet golf cart so they can drive off into the sunset in it?

Purple Jesus Diaries has an excellent side-by-side breakdown and analysis of the two dresses. But in the end, I have only one thing to add:

Only on Pinterest, kiddos. Only on Pinterest.