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If you’ve ever wondered about Courtney Lee’s laundry habits, here you go


Boston Celtics guard Courtney Lee was among the Boston Celtics players who relayed to “what non-basketball activities these Celtics do in the offseason.” Also joining Lee in the discussion was Brandon Bass, Shavlik Randolph and D.J. White, but Lee’s commentary on how he does his own laundry was easily the most enlightening, engrossing and interesting bit of information gleaned from the article.

Said Lee:

“I definitely do my own laundry. It’s not too difficult for me to put my whites in the whites bin and my darks in the darks bin and just throw it in the wash. Growing up I used to throw them in all at once, and now you see the importance putting the whites together so they can stay white. My mother used to do the laundry, I tried to help and I caught on from her. I have a lady I’ve had for six years clean my house in the summertime. When it comes to the winter I don’t really like having new people come to my house (in the city where I play). You never know what people’s intentions are.”

Indeed. You never do know, do you?

And this just in: NBA players have just as boring and monotonous lives when they aren’t playing basketball as the rest of us.

And yet, I’m left unsatisfied with Lee’s comments on his laundry practices. Sure, he separates his whites and his darks. But does he use liquid fabric softener or those dryer sheets? Snuggle or Downy? Does he hang dry any of his shirts or does everything go in the dryer? Does he match up his socks afterward or is he lazy like me and leave them in a laundry basket forever? So many questions.

Laundry. What a crazy thing.

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