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‘Fan/Bro’ rocks shades in the evening, boogies down to cheer on Orioles (video)


The Baltimore Orioles were putting the finishing touches on a tidy 2-0 victory over the Washington Nationals at Camden Yards on Thursday night when cameras caught this super-cool yah-dood rocking the shades and doing a nifty little jig of a dance in celebration of the impending win.

Thankfully, someone was savvy enough to capture it on video and upload it to Vine.

Via @recordsANDradio:

Sigh. Notice the pursed lips as he almost pulls off the “White Guy Overbite.” Nice.

I’ll forgo the “Sunglasses at Night” reference as Big League Stew already nailed it and from what I understand, three references to that song in one day causes 1980s Canadian dreamboat Corey Hart to rise from the grave and begin to feast upon the souls of still-living one-hit wonders.

Wait. What do you mean Corey Hart ain’t dead? I guess it’s true: That guy will “Never Surrender”. Okay, I’m done.

I suppose that makes Hart a two-hit wonder, right? Huh. I would amend my earlier statement about Corey Hart feasting upon the souls of other one-hit wonders, but since he’s still alive, the point is kind of moot.