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Pennsylvania bakery renames Boston Cream Pie to Penguins Cream Pie (photo)


Things are certainly heating up as it nears closer to the drop of the puck on Saturday for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins. At least as far as it pertains to some businesses in Pennsylvaina doing just about everything possible to disassociate themselves from anything that remotely involves the city of Boston.

Earlier this week, it was a tavern in Pittsburgh announcing to its customers that it was eighty-sixing Sam Adams beer from its establishment for the duration of the series, now we have a bakery changing the name of Boston Cream Pie.

That’s right, Oakmont Bakery, located in (surprisingly) Oakmont, Pa., has changed the name of its Boston Cream Pie offering to simply, “Penguins Pie.” The bakery uploaded the above photo to its Facebook page to show that the business means business when it comes to giving items with Boston in its name the business.

And while it is a clever way of removing Boston from the name of the dessert, “Penguins Pie” nevertheless evokes an altogether uncomfortable impression, as in one is left to wonder if the pie is made with bits of real penguin. You know, so you know it’s good.

[H/T Larry Brown Sports]