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Pittsburgh bar bans Sam Adams during Penguins-Bruins series (photo)


With an assumed contentious showdown between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference Finals set to begin on Saturday, one Pittsburgh pub put its patrons on alert that if they wish to imbibe on one of Boston’s best-known beers, they best do it quickly.

A sign posted in Howlers Coyote Café, a bar in the east end in town, informs customers that it only had two days left to order Sam Adams beer before the brew was eighty-sixed from the menu.

Published Wednesday to the bar’s Facebook page with the message, “This is a public service announcement from the staff at Howlers,” here is the sign:


Oh, snap! Puck Daddy notes that banning a product hailing from an opponent’s hometown is not an uncommon practice during the Stanley Cup playoffs, so I expect a Boston bar to respond in kind by banning Rolling Rock in its establishment. And yes, I know that Rolling Rock is no longer brewed in Latrobe, Pa., but work with me here.

And still, here I thought that ordering a Sam Adams was always a good decision, no matter the situation. You learn something new every day.