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Pirates closer calls bullpen a ‘Shark Tank,’ so team gets a shark tank (video)


Earlier in May, Pittsburgh Pirates closer Jason Grilli bestowed a clever moniker upon the entire bullpen. Not worrying about sharing the same name as a lame reality show, according to an report, Grilli said “We’re the Shark Tank,” adding, “We’ve got a lot of sharks out in that bullpen. When we smell blood, we attack.”

And Grilli’s assessment and shark comparison has proven to be accurate thus far this season. This week, the bullpen ranked first overall in the league in batting average against (.212) and tied for first in overall ERA (2.74).

So, it made perfect sense that just recently, a large, 150-gallon aquarium was installed in the Pirates clubhouse at PNC Park. Of course, sharks among the various forms of aquatic life that have made the tank their habitat. So, the aquarium is in effect a shark tank. Get it?

The tank, donated and built by Gary Knabe, a Pirates season-ticket holder and owner of Elmer’s Aquarium and Pet Center in Monroeville, Pa. Among the first inhabitants are a black-and-white-dotted Coral Cat shark, a yellow-striped Banded Cat shark, as well as a puffer fish. The aquarium’s decor of course is highlighted by a Pirate ship, because, um, duh.


Pretty cool. Grilli says caution was exercised in selecting the species of sharks to put in the tank, as it wouldn’t be a good thing “putting guys on the DL and losing a finger or an arm.” Once again, because, um, duh.

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