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Fan’s dog pooping on Patrick Sharp’s lawn source of Blackhawks’ success? (pic)


(via Facebook)

With a thrilling overtime victory in a Game 7 showdown with the Detroit Red Wings on Wednesday night, the Chicago Blackhawks punched the team’s ticket to the Western Conference Finals. And while stellar play on both ends of the ice certainly deserves its place when crediting reasons behind Chicago’s series win over Detroit, during which the team had to win three-straight after being down 3-1, one Blackhawks fan believes her defecating dog and the location where the results of said defecation are being deposited may be serving as something of a good luck charm as well.

A Blackhawks fan named Shannon explained her claim on the Eric & Kathy Morning Show on Chicago’s 101.9 radio station in order to provide the straight poop.

Shannon reports that she frequently takes Ivy, her Lab mix, on walks in her neighborhood. Another resident of Shannon’s neighborhood just so happens to be Blackhawks left winger Patrick Sharp, and she claims that every time Ivy leaves a deposit on the Sharp’s lawn, the Blackhawks win.

Via the radio show’s Facebook page:

“You’re looking at Ivy, the Blackhawks good luck charm!! Ever since P Sharp moved into our neighborhood, Ivy has been pooping in his yard and they’ve been winning. We don’t walk by his house everyday but when we do, she almost always takes care of business. The 2 times that she passed it up were followed by Hawks losses. Admittedly, I was a little remiss last week and look what happened… However, Saturday, Sunday and Monday she was 3 for 3 and the Hawks won both games. She has a small following on my FB page…just thought I’d share with you guys as well. Rest assured, I will make sure she’s 2 for 2 on the #2 the next 2 days. And yes, I always pick up after her. GO BLACKHAWKS!!”

Nothing crappy about that story.

A photo of Ivy doing her business (via Facebook):


In case anyone is wondering whether or not Patrick Sharp is aware that a neighborhood dog has been using his front yard to relieve itself, co-host Eric texted Sharp during Shannon’s appearance on Wednesday’s show. His response?

“Yeah, I heard about it … as long as they’re picking it up.”


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