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Child cries because he’s from a family of Mets fans, wants to be a Yankees fan (vid)


These videos featuring children sobbing over the plight of their favorite sports teams are always the best. For one thing, it’s baffling to me how the parents of these kids who are suffering a meltdown are more than happy to record and then upload video to YouTube of their beloved child having a tantrum. Secondly, the kids come across as brutally honest, more truthful about their allegiances than their adult counterparts.

Case in point: This four-year-old, who has grown tired of being a New York Mets fan and wants to be a New York Yankees fan. The trouble is that his old man won’t let him because the family is a Mets family and that’s just the way it is.

Watch how the dad attempts to teach his son the nuances between being a front-runner and a flip-flopper:

As mentioned above, the kid deserves credit for his honesty. He’ll back the Yankees now, but if the Mets start winning, he will go back to rooting for the Mets. No grownup would ever admit to that, no matter if it were accurate or not.

[H/T For the Win]