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Broncos linebacker Von Miller rocks onesie at Las Vegas pool party (photo)


A photo has surfaced of Denver Broncos teammates Von Miller and Omar Bolden attending a pool party in Las Vegas over the weekend and the biggest sin perhaps committed by Miller in Sin City was the white, zip-up onesie he donned before showing up to the soiree.


The red star on the breast of the onesie really ties the entire outfit together.

Some of you may be asking yourself: Why in the hell would Von Miller wear a ridiculous-looking onesie to a swanky, Las Vegas pool party? The answer is simple. Because he can. Who is going to say something to a 6’3″, 237-pound NFL linebacker? No one, that’s who.

My guess is if some pencil-necked neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie were to clothe himself in the same getup, he would most certainly hear about it from his fellow party attendees.

And just for the record, regarding the Memorial Day weekend fashion choices of individuals highlighted here on the Sportress this week? My vote goes to Paulina Gretzky.

[H/T Shot of Ginn via The Big Lead]