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Metta World Peace’s children’s book released, has weird cover (photo)


The release of Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace’s highly anticipated children’s book finally happened on May 20. The book, entitled, Metta’s Bedtime Stories, retails for $12.95 with some of the proceeds benefiting the NBA star’s charity, Xcel University.

But perhaps the most compelling aspect of Metta World Peace’s children’s book above and beyond the head-scratching nature behind the realization that Metta World Peace wrote a children’s book is the cover of the storybook.

There’s no way around it: It’s kind of disturbing. A more close-up image of the cover follows.



Goodness gracious. While every effort is made to figure out how to get Metta’s penetrating, animated eyes from burrowing into your consciousness and permanently fracturing your psyche, the book is summarized as follows:

Metta’s Bedtime Stories is dedicated to ALL Children, Families, and Educators. Metta’s Bedtime Stories was written to help children think about daily events in a positive light. These stories will show everyone that you can always have a better day tomorrow, if you have a hopeful heart and keep positive thoughts. Five stories are featured in this book: I’m afraid of the dark, Mud in my bed, One wish, Reach for the sky, and Tomorrow.

There you have it. Take notice that one of the stories is entitled, “I’m afraid of the dark.” How about, “I’m afraid of the cover of this book, daddy, please read Goodnight Moon to me for the millionth time instead.” A bit wordy, yes, but seriously, man, look at it.

To purchase the book, visit this site. Meanwhile, good luck trying to elude the steely, haunting gaze of Animated Metta.

[H/T For the Win, image via Instagram]