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LeBron’s block on Hill even more mind-blowing with slo-mo Phantom Cam (video)


The NBA has begun to frequently employ the technological wonder that is the Phantom Camera to highlight amazing plays by the league’s highly skilled players. Look at the NBA’s YouTube page and check out all the videos that have titles beginning with “Phantom.”

Obviously, I do not understand the science behind the Phantom Cam, nor do I aspire to attempt to comprehend it. All I need to know is it is a camera that records fast-paced video in nearly stupefying, crystal clear slo-mo.

And it’s no surprise nor can we blame the NBA for using Phantom Cams footage. The video is routinely awe-inspiring and always compelling.

Take the Phantom video footage of LeBron James’ incredible block on George Hill from Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals series between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. It turns an already-brilliant play into a visual masterpiece that captures the freakish athleticism, all-world talent and mind-blowing skill of LeBron James, all in one play displayed in super, super slow-motion.

Via YouTube:

Wow. What an incredible play by basketball player who can only be described as a once-in-a-generation, athletic freak. Despite LeBron’s heroic efforts on the play, the Heat did come up short on Tuesday night, losing to formidable Pacers squad to tie the series at two games apiece, an outcome that makes it all the more likely this conference finals matchup is going the distance. At least we can hope.

But in the end, what’s more impressive? LeBron’s ability as such a large man to fly so high or the Phantom Camera’s ability to document his abilities in such breathtaking footage? It’s kind of a toss up.

Now if the NBA would only give the Phantom Cam treatment to LeBron’s epic flop from Game 4. That would be amazing to see utilizing this technology.

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