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LeBron James, David West score a perfect 10 in synchronized flopping (GIF)


It’s not quite yet an Olympic sport, but during Game 4 of the arguably competitive Eastern Conference Finals series between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, LeBron James and David West executed what may be the finest example of Synchronized Flopping ever attempted by two players during an NBA game.

It was an artful, flawless and mesmerizing display of flopping synchronicity, the way in which the two perfectly timed their respective part in the performance, mimicking the movements of the other brilliantly.

GIF via Deadspin:

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Do you see how the two floppers flop away from another with well-timed and graceful poise? Amazing.

Making the performance even more impressive is that LeBron once said he doesn’t even need to flop, meaning that his artful flopping performance was simply a selfless treat from King James to all the flopping fans out there and must have come with a minimal amount of practice behind the scenes. Breathtaking.

Sure, it is much too late to get Synchronized Flopping into the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, but how about in 2020? Let’s make it happen.

[H/T Eye on Basketball]