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Johnny Weir provides dizzying look at what spinning on skates looks like (video)


Figure skaters probably don’t receive as much praise as they deserve for the amount of athleticism, skill and talent that is required to pull off even the most benign of moves that they routinely perform, on skates, no less.

Johnny Weir provides some perspective on what spinning at a dizzying rate looks from a first person perspective courtesy of a Vine video he recently uploaded.

What follows is Johnny Weir demonstrating what it’s like to perform something called a “scratch spin.”

But first, just a word of warning: Buckle up. It’s a high-speed, disorienting and possibly nausea-inducing ride.

Man, my head hurts. And I believe I am literally dizzy now. I can’t even imagine being able to walk after doing that, let alone continuing with a complex skating routine. Bravo.

[H/T SB Nation]