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DeSean Jackson posts photo of model girlfriend cooking him breakfast (pic)


This just in: Being DeSean Jackson? It’s a good gig if you can get it. Has anyone ever mentioned that it must be pretty damn awesome to enjoy the many fringe benefits that go along with being an NFL player? And that’s on top of the absurd amount of money that tumbles into a pro football player’s bank account every payday.

Case in point: On Tuesday, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson posted a photo to his Instagram account capturing the image of a rather attractive young woman cooking him breakfast.

Of course, the comely lass pictured above is Jackson’s girlfriend, Chantel Jeffires. And wouldn’t you know it? She just so happens to be in the modeling business. Consider my mind blown.

Since I wouldn’t be performing my duties as your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man to any degree of competency without doing so, please enjoy a photo gallery containing images that properly document exactly why Miss Chantel Jeffries is enjoying some success as a model.

SportsGrid did some investigative work and discovered the following bio on her website, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about Jeffries. I think.

Anyone who knows Chantel Jeffries, knows this is a it girl on the rise. Starting from modeling at a young age, Chantel has stormed the internet as a hazel-eyed beauty reigning daily as most popular on Instagram. From this success and being well known on the underground urban model circuit, Draya from VH1 Basketball Wives enlisted Chantel Jeffries to be a urban model for the launch of her two most sought after product lines, Mint-Swim and Fine Ass Girls.

Chantel Jeffries has been linked to some of the most popular, handsome, eligible bachelors in the sports and hip hop. Most recently dating Justin Combs, son of P Diddy Sean Combs and Desean Jackson of the Phildelphia Eagles.

Fine Ass Girls. Now that’s a name. Clear, concise and informs a perspective customer what kind of woman should be wearing items from that line of clothing. Yep, you guessed it: Girls of the “Fine Ass” variety.

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Yeah, she’s pretty. It also looks like she can cook a mean breakfast. This Chantel Jeffries gal? She might be a keeper.

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