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Cole Hamels serves as security for coach during TV interview (video)


Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels isn’t slated to pitch during the team’s home-and-home series against the Boston Red Sox this week, so he apparently has plenty of time to engage in some tomfoolery while waiting for his next scheduled start against the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday.

With that in mind, Hamels decided to don a fluorescent Boston Police vest and serve as personal security for Mick Billmeyer during the Phillies bullpen coach’s interview with the team’s television broadcast crew during the third inning of Tuesday’s game.


Said Billmeyer about Hamels’ shenanigans: “He’s trying anything right now (to get noticed).”Hey, you do what you gotta do, right? And Hamels appeared to be taking his responsibilities very seriously, telling his teammates to hush up at about the 1:10 mark of the video.

While it’s true that Boston fans can be a hostile bunch, I’m pretty sure Billmeyer was perfectly safe within the confines of the Phillies dugout. Although teams can never be too cautious with security, so a big ups to Hamels for stepping in and doing a fine job.

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