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Young Royals fan behind screen has priceless reaction to screaming foul (GIF)


No matter how hard a person tries to maintain their composure in light of the fact that there is a screen protecting them from baseballs hit in their direction, it is always hilarious to see the reactions of folks when a foul ball comes screaming back from the plate and drills the screen in his or her vicinity.

Check out this young Kansas City Royals fan’s fantastic reaction of abject horror when a foul ball comes flying at him off the bat of outfielder David Lough during the bottom of the ninth inning of the team’s 6-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

The folks at Guyism thankfully performed the task of providing close-up GIFs of the kid possibly pooping his pants:

Ha. Fantastic. What really makes it awesome is the double-take of terror he makes. Back and to the left once. Back and to the left twice. Priceless.