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Um, guh? Keith Hernandez calls broken bat a ‘dead soldier’ on Memorial Day (video)


Like many jocks before him, Keith Hernandez has managed to parlay a successful career in professional sports into an equally successful broadcasting career, currently serving as an analyst during broadcasts of New York Mets games on SNY and WPIX.

But for all his successes, Hernandez made a derp for the ages during the broadcast of the Mets-Yankees on Memorial Day.

Hernandez made a unintentional — yet highly insensitive — comment during the game, referring to a broken bat as a “dead soldier.” On Memorial Day.

Guh, indeed.

Said Hernandez, commenting upon how second baseman Dan Murphy’s bat broke during an at-bat against Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes that ended up as a harmless ground out during the first inning:  “Well, that is a dead soldier right there, folks, laying in that infield dirt.”

Hernandez’s commentary continued with a less awkward statement: “This is… ouch. That’s what you call getting sawed off.”

According to a New York Daily News report, a SNY spokesman made the following statement: “We’ll address the matter with Keith. It was an honest mistake and a poor choice of words.”

There is no disputing it was an honest mistake by Hernandez. He’s not the first baseball guy to refer to a broken bat as a “dead soldier” and he certainly won’t be the last. And while Hernandez shouldn’t be punished for his on-air gaffe, he still ought to be better aware of the situation. I mean, it was Memorial Day, man. Come on.