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‘Tim Duncan Realizing He Has Arms’ video hilarious, possibly accurate (vid)


Sure, how the San Antonio Spurs handled the Memphis Grizzlies with relative ease, completing a four-game sweep of the team’s Western Conference Finals foe on Monday, winning 93-86, may be the prevailing story about Tim Duncan and company on Tuesday, but this video featuring Tim Duncan toweling off entitled, “Tim Duncan Realizing He Has Arms” may be the funniest, if not most revealing, development from Monday night’s game.

Watch how Duncan appears befuddled by the sudden appearance of two strange appendages coming out of his upper torso by all indications given Duncan’s reactions, somehow seemingly eluded his awareness up until this exact moment.


Fantastic. But to be honest, I’m pretty sure Tim Duncan was aware of the fact he had arms pretty much his entire life. I’m not trying to blow anyone’s mind here, just expressing a hunch of mine.

[via reddit]