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Paulina Gretzky wore a slinky string bikini last weekend so here are some pics


In a pathetic display of abject and deplorable pandering — although I don’t feel one iota of guilt over it — Miss Paulina Gretzky uploaded some photos over Memorial Day weekend sporting a barely-there, stunning, black, two-piece bikini number during some boating excursions with her now-kinda-long-term boyfriend, PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson.

Also along for the ride was Johnson’s brother Austin, who managed to sneak in the frame in one pic, but it hardly should come as a surprise that the star of the show was how amazing Miss Gretzky looked. (via WhoSay):


And here’s the adorable couple enjoying the sun and water:


And finally, the pièce de résistance:


Sweet sassy molassey. It’s a good gig if you can get it. Talk about being in shipshape condition, amirite? I mean, that is one nice aft view off the starboard quarter if you can follow my weak efforts to incorporate boating terminology into this hackneyed effort of a post.

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[H/T Wei Under Par]