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French golfer Romain Bechu’s trick shot video is mind-blowing (video)


It certainly seems like these trick shots videos by relatively anonymous pro golfers are coming up with increased regularity of late. Need examples? Can’t help you there. I did mention the golfers are relatively anonymous. How am I supposed to remember?

Anyhoo, the most recent trick shot video to make its online debut comes courtesy of seemingly unknown — at least here in the States — French golfer Romain Bechu.

The video overall is impressive, but the most mind-blowing, head-scratching and mesmerizing trick is when he flips his club while performing the patented “Juggling Ball with a Club” trick.

The club flip trick comes at about the 3:00 mark of the video (via Eye on Golf), but first a word of warning: Because of some NSFW lyrics in the soundtrack, viewer discretion is advised.

Head. Asplodes.

And the highlight, in GIF form (via Business Insider):


Wowee kazowee. That’s some crazy stuff right there. And here’s a thought: Do you think Romain would ever “lettuce” in on how he manages to execute this amazing trick? Yeah, I went there.