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Take off, hosers: Orioles players rock ‘Canadian Tuxedos’ for Toronto trip (pics)


On Thursday morning, the Baltimore Orioles embarked on trip to the Great White North to play a three-game series against the division rival Toronto Blue Jays and pay a visit to our kindly Canadian neighbors.

As you can see, the team decided to have some fun in light of the destination of the road trip, donning all-denim outfits to mockingly pay tribute to what is commonly referred to as the “Canadian Tuxedo.” Orioles center fielder Adam Jones uploaded a few photos of he and 11 of his teammates rocking the all-blue jean look.

Check out the amazing denim shirt/overalls combo shortstop Manny Machado managed to locate, presumably at some thrift store he found after using his time machine to take a trip back to 1983 (via Adam Jones’ Instagram account):


Wow. The detailing is truly breathtaking. “Denim Vest” would be most impressed:


Yeah, that’s the look, eh?

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