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Stephen A. Smith screams about LeBron James, McNuggets in McDonald’s spot (vid)


For some ungodly reason, McDonald’s enlisted the services of everybody’s favorite (?) bloviating sports analyst, Stephen A. Smith, for a new commercial in which he hoots and hollers and goes all-Stephen A. Smith about the Miami Heat’s LeBron James and his supposed love for Chicken McNuggets. Doesn’t McDonald’s realize that by allowing Stephen A. Smith to do this commercial only encourages him to continue his antics?

Not much setup is required here, but the gist of the ad is that Smith is questioning LeBron for tweeting about his affinity for McNuggets when there are so many other delicious options available on the McDonald’s menu. Say, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, for instance. And yet, no mention of the McDLT. Such a shame that item never caught on.

This gets people talking, because if LeBron James loves McNuggets, shouldn’t we all?

Good stuff. But what really needs to be revealed is whether or not LeBron loves Cheez Doodles. Ain’t that right, Stephen A.?

Never gets old.

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