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Roger Federer shows off punny bone after it hails at Roland Garros (pic)


Roger Federer never has struck me as a fellow with a well-honed sense of punnery (made-up word), although that does not mean that it isn’t possible for him to crack a well-timed pun if it is set up on a tee for him. Or fired out of a tennis ball cannon machine thingamajobber might be a more appropriate reference.

Either way, it began to hail at Stade Roland Garros as Federer got some practice in as he finishes up his preparation for the upcoming French Open. And even the stoic Swiss tennis great couldn’t help himself, posting a photo of the hail on the famed clay courts to his Facebook page and busting out a pretty witty pun.

Via Facebook:


(click to enlarge)

Hey-ohhhhh!!! What the hail is going on here? Fantastic. With that quick wit, it’s no wonder this guy has been able to “rain” supreme on the courts for all these years. “Snow” kidding.

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