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Kevin Durant posts evidence proving word isn’t misspelled in tattoo (pic)


On Wednesday, speculation was rampant on the Internet that photos posted by Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant  to his Instagram account of the finishing touches to his massive back tattoo appeared to reveal that a Bible verse tattooed on his back contained a misspelled word.

Durant, perhaps sensing a disturbance in the force that binds all men to their body ink — or just noticed folks were discussing it on the interwebs — uploaded a close-up photo of the tattoo in question that appears to unequivocally prove that the word “mature” in the verse from James 1:2-4 is fact spelled correctly.

Above is the image that caused the initial hullabaloo. Below is an image highlighting the supposed spelling error:


And here is what Durant posted Thursday to his Instagram account along with the message, “I got mature spelled the right way lol”:


Crazy stuff. I have no earthly idea how the word can look misspelled in one photo and spelled correctly in another. Here’s a side-by-side grouping of the two pics further showing how easy it is for tricks to be played upon our eyes (via Deadspin):


Wait. What? I don’t know what to believe anymore. Consider my mind blowed. So much so, as you can see, I’m making up words to adequately explain it.

all photos via Kevin Durant Instagram)