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Derek Jeter utilizes ‘Philip’ alias for coffee order at Starbucks (photos)

Derek Jeter seen going to Starbucks in the West Village in New York City

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter may not have taken the field yet along with his teammates as he continues his rehab following his ankle surgery earlier this year, but that does not mean he can gallivant about town without being recognized. That must be why Jeter opted to go with the alias of “Philip” during a recent stop at a Greenwich Village Starbucks.

Photos snapped of the Captain clearly show the alias scribbled on his Triple Venti Vanilla Latte — if Jeter shares the same affinity for that particular caffeinated treat as yours truly — or whatever beverage he happened to order on Wednesday.

Image via Gothamist:

Derek Jeter seen going to Starbucks in the West Village in New York City

Interesting alias. In its report on the sighting, the New York Post notes that Jeter once used the pseudonym “Johnny Drama” to check into a Seattle hotel with the Yankees in 2007, so clearly it is something Jeter has grown accustomed to doing in light of his immense celebrity.

Alternatively, this incident simply could be the case of an all-too-common mistake by an overworked or careless Starbucks barista. It’s too bad that Starbucks doesn’t ask for last names, because if the chain did, it would have provided Jeter with an awesome opportunity to have some fun with his “Philip” alias. See, if I were to use “Philip” as an alias and had to provide a last name, an easy joke is to go with “McCreviss.” No, seriously, try it. Say it all at once: Philip McCreviss

Yeah, that’s some funny stuff. Sophomoric, sure, but still funny.