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David West, Roy Hibbert both victims of nutshots during loss to Heat (vids)


If it wasn’t bad enough that the Indiana Pacers were on the wrong end of a heartbreaking overtime loss in the team’s Game 1 showdown with the Miami Heat on Wednesday, two of its players probably felt compelled to seek out the comforts of a bag of ice with to apply to their respective battered midsections in the locker room afterward.

Both David West and Roy Hibbert drew fouls during the loss that were offensive both literally and figuratively, each taking a shot to the crotchal region. You could say that both took one for the team, so long as the “one” refers to a painful blow to the groin area.

First up is Roy Hibbert, who drew a foul on Shane Battier by standing tall and allowing Battier’s knee to come crashing directly into his man region:


Up next, David West, whose ball-sack was battered by something that can be described as something between a running forearm shiver and passing-by uppercut courtesy of Norris Cole:

Double-ouch. Talk about adding injury to insult. Or whatever. But seriously — or not so much, really — how about two separate crotch shots to members of the same team in the same game? That’s crazy, man. Just crazy. Nuts, even.

Yeah, I went there. It required testicular fortitude as a blogger to make that weak joke, but I have the cojones to pull it off. Or I don’t.