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Bills fan gets O.J. Simpson tattoo because of course he did (photo)


A Buffalo Bills fan recently uploaded a photo to his Facebook page that documents a recent, rather large tattoo he had inked into his upper left thigh: The infamous mugshot photo of Bills running back great O.J. Simpson after his arrest on June 17, 1994. We all know why and what followed.

The fan of Bills legends and accused murderers and former Hertz pitchmen, Bryan Labarro, reports that the tattoo took nine hours to complete, but when you think about it, it’s totally worth it. Who else in the world has a tattoo of O.J. Simpson’s mugshot on their person? Nobody. Hopefully.

The full image in all its glory:


Pretty neat, although it would have been cooler if Labarro had been wearing Bruno Magli shoes in the photo.

Still, if Labarro is such a huge Bills fan, why didn’t he elect to have a less sinister image of Simpson etched into his thigh? Say, a photo of Simpson from his glory days with the Bills?. Or even better, how about documenting a more prosperous, less nefarious time in Simpson’s life? Say…

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Now any of those would have been totally awesome.

[H/T Sports-Kings, image via Facebook]