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Pics surface of Wayne Gretzky looking a wee bit intoxicated (photos)


Photos recently published online appear to indicate that Wayne Gretzky, a/k/a “The Great One,” may have had a few too many cold ones during a recent golf tournament.

Gretzky participated in the BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament last week in Greenville, S.C., and it is believed these photos were taken following his round on Thursday.

And yes, Gretzky certainly looks like a man who bellied up at the 19th hole and enjoyed a few cocktails.

Here are the photos, both of which originally appeared on Shot of Ginn:

wayne-gretzky-drunk wayne-gretzky-drunk-2

There is no way to confirm whether or not Gretzky was drunk as a skunk when these photos were taken — it is allergy season, after all, another possibility (yeah, right) — he certainly looks the part of an inebriated individual. The glassy eyes, the slumped posture, the slightly unkempt appearance, it all leads to that conclusion.

And while there certainly is nothing wrong with a grown adult having a good time courtesy of some alcoholic beverages — or simply presenting the appearance that he or she did (just ask Tiger Woods about that one) — the fact that Gretzky once allegedly chastised his daughter Paulina Gretzky for her salacious online presence makes the fact that these photos have surfaced all the more intriguing and amusing.

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