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Spurs fan yells ‘We did it!’ following team’s big Game 2 win (video)


Microphones picked up a San Antonio Spurs fan screaming “We did it!” following the team’s huge 93-89 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night that gave his favorite NBA team a 2-0 series lead. Screaming “We did it!” indicates one of three things about this particular fan.

1) Either this San Antonio Spurs fan does not understand that it will require the team to win four games to advance to the NBA Finals; or
2) This guy has been so spoiled by San Antonio’s lengthy run of success that he assumes the team’s series against the Memphis Grizzlies is all but over; or
3) Ultimately, it matters not whether the Spurs advance to the NBA Finals and win the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Being up two-games-to-none in the Western Conference Finals is a good enough season outcome for him. Pack it up, call it a good run and he can move on with his life.

No matter what motivated this guy to yell “We did it!” following the team’s overtime win on Tuesday, it certainly is amusing.

Via @cjzero:

Huh. There you go. An easily satisfied chap right there. In fact, someone should figure out a way to get this guy hooked up with “Screeching Spurs Lady” and see if any sparks develop. My guess is that they would hit it off immediately. They both like the Spurs and the fact that both have had their voices captured during nationally televised Spurs playoff games means they have something in common. Which is nice.