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Fan with far-out Rockies mohawk has a mohawked mini-doppelganger (pics)


The interwebs were abuzz a few weeks back when photos of mohawked Colorado Rockies fan Joshua Pugh surfaced. Resplendent with a neon purple hue, Pugh’s mohawk, featuring the Rockies logo on one side and the MLB logo bearing Troy Tulowitzki’s name and number on the other, earned major kudos for how far one man was willing to go to display his dedication and show his affinity for his favorite baseball team.

On Tuesday, Pugh was back at Coors Field for the team’s tilt against the Arizona Diamondbacks and once again he was rocking his brilliant mohawk. Only this time, a miniature version of himself, a similarly mohawked doppelganger, was along with him.

Pugh apparently was celebrating his 25th birthday on Tuesday and along for the festivities was young Jacob McNeely sporting a similar hairdo that while not as meticulously coiffed as Pugh’s, still announced to the world in a haphazardly mohawked way that if Pugh were unable to fulfill his duties as the Crazy Colorado Rockies Mohawk Man, a young buck was prepared to fill his spot at a moment’s notice.


Rock on, guys. Let your purple, freak flag hairstyles fly.

[H/T Cut4]