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Rickie Fowler hits shots at Texas-shaped green because why not? (video)


On Tuesday, Rickie Fowler — no stranger to strangely conceived, quasi-golf-related exhibitions — along with Colt Knost, hit shots at a Texas-shaped green in downtown Dallas in advance of this weekend’s Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial in nearby El Paso.

The event, put on by Red Bull, had Fowler and Knost hitting blind shots from various distances at the aforementioned Texas green. And by the looks of it, a grand time was had by one and all.

The stars at night are big and bright

And would you look at that? Fowler was presented with a nifty, yet garish, red jacket for winning the competition. I can’t think of another golfer on the PGA Tour where that coat is less obnoxious than the clothes they routinely wear during tournaments. But who cares, right? Rickie seems like a good kid — and a member of the Golf Boys, to boot — even with his affinity for flashy and slightly ostentatious fashion choices.

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