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LFL issues statement about coach’s ‘I’m gonna *bleep* you in the face!’ tirade


A video published by the Legends Football League created a considerable buzz across the interwebs on Tuesday and the LFL has issued a statement attempting to quash any controversy that may emerge from its content.

In the video, Chicago Bliss head coach Keith Hac is highlighted in “mic’d up” segment, presumably to show that even LFL coaches can bring the unhinged intensity with the best of their coaching colleagues from other sports.

The video, since pulled from YouTube, featured many unedited, profane outbursts from Hac aimed at referees, his players, you name it, but at the end of the video, one word during a tirade is bleeped out.

Hac screams “I’m gonna *bleep* you in the face!” to what appears to be one of his players, leading to speculation that what exactly the bleeped-out word could have possibly been in light of the profanity that was unedited throughout the rest of the video.

The LFL’s statement indicates that the word was “punch,” and even though it’s arguable that the word could have been much, much worse, LFL nevertheless wanted to stress that it was an unacceptable outburst from the coach.

The statement, in its entirety:

(LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Wednesday, May 22, 2013) Legends Football League (formerly Lingerie Football League) Chairman and Commissioner Mitchell S. Mortaza has issued the following statement in regards to the recently released Chicago Bliss head coach Keith Hac sideline video that has been misreported by the media. 
The video featuring a passionate Coach Hac, was released by the league to illustrate how real the and intense the environment is on an LFL sideline. However, the word ‘punch’ was censored from the video because the league does not condone violence toward women. 
“While we do not censor the actual intensity of our sidelines, we as a league felt the word ‘punch’ was going over the line. However, knowing Coach Hac for many years, as well as having met with him about the situation, we as a league firmly believe that he would never strike a woman and was simply in the heat of the moment”, said, Mitchell S. Mortaza, Founder & Chairman, LFL Global. 
Chicago Bliss Coach Keith Hac also has issued a statement:
“I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been offended by my statement made in the heat of battle. As a loving father of three incredible daughters, I would never condone any form of violence toward women or men. This was a momentary loss of judgment and one that I regret”, said, Keith Hac.

So, there you have it. And yet, the most puzzling question remains unanswered: Why in the heck did the Legends Football League even release the video in the first place?