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Legends Football League coach: ‘I’m gonna *bleep* you in the face!!’ (video)


Who would have thought that the most outrageously explicit coach tirades ever captured on video would feature a coach fromĀ  the Lingerie Legends Football League? But that appears to be the case. Chicago Bliss head coach Keith Hac lets the f-bombs — not to mention other creative uses of profanity — fly as he unloads on his players, refs and pretty much anyone within earshot, including a young man far too young to hear such language.

And at the decibel level he is screaming at, I’m pretty sure everyone in the stadium could hear everything he said, and the video wraps up with the frightening and apparently profane salvo, “I’m gonna *bleep* you in the face!”

WARNING: As mentioned above, the video is chock-full of the usage of some extremely naughty words. Viewer discretion is warranted and advised.

Holy crap. Now that’s a rant. He really lets the expletives fly, doesn’t he?

As The Big Lead notes, why is Hac bleeped at the end of the video when all the other vile things else he says throughout the video is not? Is it because when he screamed, “”I’m gonna *bleep* you in the face!”, the bleeped word possibly indicated a threat of sexual violence at one of his female players, if that was in fact who he was screaming at? If so, yeah, that’s probably the case. Of course, that’s working under the assumption that the bleeped word was an effenheimer.

On the other hand, it’s possible he could have been saying “I’m gonna punch you in the face!” and the threat of regular violence was a bit too “real” for LFL highlight videos that document how bats**t crazy its coaches are.

But that really doesn’t make what he said any more acceptable, now, does it?