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Marlins pitcher Alex Sanabia spits on ball after giving up home run (GIF)


In the top of the second inning of the Philadelphia Phillies-Miami Marlins tilt at Marlins Park on Monday, Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown went yard off Marlins right-hander Alex Sanabia. As Brown was circling the bases, a camera caught Sanabia handling a new baseball and it is abundantly clear from the video that Sanabia slathers the baseball with a stream of saliva he spit out of his mouth.

One spitball, coming right up:

While there is no confirmation that Sanabia actually used that baseball during the next at-bat, it is safe to assume that he did in fact throw a spitball or two during his subsequent pitches. It also is worth noting that the pitcher did not surrender another run in a start that lasted 6 1/3 innings, an outing good enough for Sanabia to earn the victory in Miami’s 5-1 win.

The problem for Sanabia is that once the video is forwarded to the powers-at-be at Major League Baseball odds are some punishment will be levied upon the Marlins pitcher, presumably a suspension, as applying foreign substances to a baseball is in fact, you know, illegal and stuff. I guess you could say that Sanabia’s attempts at sneakily spitting on the baseball without anyone becoming aware of it hit a “snag.” And I wouldn’t expect Mr. Alex Sanabia to “cough up” a confession anytime soon, either.

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