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What in the holy hell was Dwyane Wade wearing before Game 4? (pics/video)


Dwyane Wade, as evidenced by his brash choices in clothing — typified by this floral-printed nightmare he sported last week — must fancy himself something of a fashion maven, an individual who sets the trends and refuses to follow them.

On Monday night, TNT’s cameras caught the Miami Heat superstar arriving at United Center in advance of his team’s Game 4 showdown with the Chicago Bulls.

And what the cameras captured, it could be argued, was not the prettiest sight.

Strolling around the interiors of the arena, Wade was seen sporting an “interesting” ensemble, highlighted by what can only described as capri pants for men which were accentuated by D-Wade strutting about in loafers without socks. Quite the look, indeed.

Here’s a better look at just how high of a flood Wade could withstand without his pants getting wet given the high hemline of his slacks:


Goodness gracious.

Charles Barkley and the gang on “Inside the NBA” had field day hooting and hollering and critiquing Wade’s unique fashion sense:

As is often the case, it’s hard to argue with the fellas’ observations, be those opinions be about the action on the court or otherwise.

And for what it’s worth, after rocking such a odd ensemble, Wade went out on the court and contributed only six points, three rebounds and four assists in a notch over 28 minutes of court time during the Heat’s 88-65 romp over the hometown Bulls. Although it’s worth noting that Wade is still dealing with a bruised right knee, an injury that certainly had a far more substantial impact on his subpar performance than his wacky getup, which was definitely a non-issue.

And still, it’s arguably one of the most ridiculous outfits ever seen on an NBA player. And that’s saying something.

[images via Larry Brown Sports]