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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu plays catch with kid in stands (video)


Due to the magical splendor of it all as perceived through the eyes of a child, there are moments that inevitably will be treasured by children for a long time after attending a baseball game at a major league ballpark, but this young Los Angeles Dodgers fan probably has a memory that will last a lifetime after pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu took a few moments to play a little catch with the youngster during a recent batting practice session.

Check out the arm on the kid, to boot. Not too shabby:

Awesome. The kid’s got some zip on his tosses, right?

While it was only a brief moment out of his day for Hyun-Jin Ryu, just imagine the thrill experienced by this wee lad and how cool he felt telling all his pals about it. Well done, sir.

Between this video and the simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking story about Matt Kemp’s generous interaction with a terminally ill fan last week, the Dodgers sure are providing a good accounting of themselves and representing the franchise well with gestures that indicate the players are willing to go the extra mile to brighten fans’ days.

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