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Apparel company’s funny ad features pros asking PGA Tour to allow shorts (vid)


The PGA, as it is wont to do, has several silly rules, regulations and restrictions that the organization believes maintains the integrity of the game. But one rule that makes little to no sense is the requirement that PGA Tour players wear pants, slacks, trousers — whatever particular term you prefer — during tournaments.

Ashworth, a golf apparel company, has launched a “Pants Petition,” which fittingly requests that the PGA Tour allow its players to wear shorts when the temperature and weather conditions would make sporting shorts preferable to long pants.

Retief Goosen, Justin Rose, Sean O’Hair and Justin Leonard are among the pro golfers to throw their support behind the “Pants Petition” movement:

If you feel that the shorts embargo on the PGA Tour is as stodgy holdover from a bygone era, feel free to sign the petition here. Otherwise, allow these golfers to continue to unnecessarily deal with absurd amounts of crotch sweat. It’s not fair.

Robert Garrigus’ horrendously bad case of swamp ass from a few years back really should be the only evidence that we need to prove that changes need to be made. Gross.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]