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Amir Johnson tweets evidence of awful first pitch at Blue Jays game (video)


From what can be ascertained via a rudimentary Internet search, Toronto Raptors big man Amir Johnson threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Toronto Blue Jays-New York Yankees game at Rogers Centre on April 19. Why it took so long for video to surface is an intriguing question indeed, but we can thank Johnson himself for providing the damning documentary evidence indicating that while he is a good sport about his pitching prowess, he doesn’t have a particularly good pitching arm.

Johnson tweeted out a link to his YouTube page where the video was uploaded on Tuesday that not only documents the pitch, but what happened before and after the terrible toss:

Ha. Love the “Price is Right” fail music after the dreadful pitching demonstration. As you can see, Johnson’s first effort was terrible. He pretty much threw the ball straight into the ground. But to ask for another ball to give it another try and then launch that ball into the stands? Come on, man. To be afforded a second shot at a ceremonial first pitch is a rare occurrence. He should have taken advantage of it. And fired another pitch straight into the turf. That would have been hilarious.

[H/T Eye on Baseball]