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Whatever this Astros fan is doing with a hot dog in his pants, it ain’t right (video)


Thanks to Deadspin, here’s a video of a very immature adult male Houston Astros fan taking advantage of the premium placement of the seats behind home plate by inserting a hot dog (or some other phallic-looking object) through the fly of his pants and waving it as if it were his manhood. Bravo, good sir.

The image and video below could be deemed NSFW if the company you are employed by has issues with sophomoric behavior involving frankfurters and open-zippered pants. So be forewarned.

Image via @laaabaseball:


And the video:

Well done. His skill with prop comedy is only exceeded by his class, maturity and refinement which is modestly exemplified by the dignified act of sticking a hot dog down the front of his pants and waving it around like it is his penis.