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Guy gets drunk, unnecessarily declares himself eligible for NBA Draft (pic)


Here’s a fantastic story about the how the combination of liquid courage imbued by the consumption of alcoholic beverages and a guy with a glorified sense of his high school basketball prowess resulted in a fantastic exchange of correspondence between said slightly inebriated guy and the National Basketball Association.

The basis of the correspondence between this young man and the NBA is relayed on reddit. The guy in question writes that “After a few drinks three weeks ago, I declared myself eligible for the NBA Draft.”

As with all things related to overzealous acts related to bouts of drunkenness, the guy totally spaced his declaration for the draft. “Completely forgot about it until I got this in the mail today,” he admits.

A redacted copy of the impulsive email fueled apparently by booze in which the guy proudly declares that he is available should an NBA team be interested in his services at the 2013 draft:


And the NBA’s polite, albeit slightly dismissive, response to the a man simply chasing his dream:


I like how the letter looks like it’s personally signed.

That aside, a free agent? Awesome! Let the bidding process begin!

Actually, I can see Michael Jordan signing this guy to a 10-day contract with Charlotte Bobcats at a minimum.

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