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Giants fan grabs live ball, loses pants, throws ball back, is ejected (video)


In a span of less than 10 seconds — a mere blip in the time this guy will spend on this planet — one San Francisco Giants fan experienced the ecstasy of obtaining a game-used baseball, then the confused shock that accompanied the realization that he had grabbed a live ball and the embarrassment that perhaps followed due to the fact that his pants ended up running down his legs after leaning over the railing.

But wait. There’s more to this scene for this fellow.

After briefly celebrating his memorabilia booty — much to the embarrassment of at least one guy seated near him, he then commits the knee-jerk reaction of throwing the ball back in play after realizing what he had just done. And finally, he lost more than his pants and the ball: He lost his seat as he experienced the agony of being escorted out of AT&T Park for having no idea what was going on around him.

It was quite the whirlwind of emotions for this guy.

Watch the entire unfortunate — yet avoidable — human drama accentuated unfold below. Via

The above sad demonstration of cluelessness all occurred during the ninth inning of the Giants-Atlanta Braves game on Thursday night. And perhaps the saddest part of all is this guy was the second fan ejected from the game for interfering with a ball in play. Sheesh.

No matter how you slice it, it’s been one weird week at AT&T Park.