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Adult Swim announces plans for a Mike Tyson cartoon series


In a concept as genius as it is surprising that no one has ever thought of it before, Adult Swim, the grown-up-skewed arm of Cartoon Network, announced on Friday its plans to air an cartoon series starring an animated version of Mike Tyson.

Tyson will be the title character in “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” in which, not surprisingly given the title, the former boxing champ will be a detective who, according to an AP report, “will solve wacky problems” with the assistance of an associate, who just so happens to be Tyson’s favorite animal in the whole world, a pigeon. But this pigeon apparently will be one foul-mouthed bird.

According to the network’s announcement, Tyson will be taking an active role in the series, providing his voice for the title character — with an approximation of what the character may look like above — as well as making live-action appearances. No debut date has been announced, but it is expected to premiere next season.

This cartoon series has all the makings of animated gold. Tyson is essentially a cartoon character living in the real world, so the transition should be easy for him and enjoyable for viewers.

Although the first of many “wacky problems” that Tyson should tackle should be to solve the perplexing mystery of what Don King did with all those millions and millions of dollars. Now that’s a mystery, indeed. We know the “who” in the whodunit, as well why King “dunit,” just not the how.

Okay, we know the how, too.

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