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UFOs, hovercrafts? Stuff is getting pretty weird in McCovey Cove (video)


As the tagline for The X-Files once postulated, “The Truth is Out There.” And wouldn’t you know it, “out there” might just be outside AT&T Park in McCovey Cove.

Things have been progressively getting stranger and stranger this week outside the home ballpark of the San Francisco Giants, as evidenced by the sightings of two strange seafaring crafts floating in and hovering above the heavily traveled waters. First, it was the kayaking hot dog vendor, then it was the grunge-loving hippies who nearly drowned trying to obtain a ball, now a hovercraft and a UFO? Weird, wild stuff.

Of course, in this case, the acronym of UFO would be best defined as an “Unidentified Floating Object,” but what occurred during the eighth inning of Wednesday night’s game between the Giants and the Atlanta Braves certainly had an otherworldly vibe to it.


Spooky stuff, man. What’s next? The Loch Ness Monster somehow making it out of Scotland for an appearance? The lost city of Atlantis being discovered in the deep waters? ALF in a canoe? Please tell me ALF is going to show up.