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Tim Duncan can photobomb folks when he’s not even in the same room (photo)


Throughout his career, San Antonio Spurs big man Tim Duncan has been labeled as a player who possesses more substance than style, less flash, more function. So, it should come as no surprise that he hasn’t been caught up in the photobombing/videobombing craze that has become something of a fad among his NBA colleagues, namely Chris Bosh (who is turning it into an art form), but at other levels of basketball as well.

A photo that surfaced on imgur on Wednesday shows that while Tim Duncan the man may never engage in the arts of photobombing, his mere presence on a television screen can make it seem like he can photobomb with the best of them.

Via imgur:


Man, that is perfect timing. It couldn’t be any better.

To make the already humorous photo transcend into absurd hilarity, it looks like Tim Duncan is lustily smelling the nape of the neck of the guy who is rocking his jersey. Here’s a close-up (via BuzzFeed):


Ha. Creepy. I wonder if the guy wearing the Shaquille O’Neal Los Angeles Lakers jersey was jealous after seeing the photos. Probably not.

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