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Adam Scott admits that he wears his green jacket every day


Not that anyone could rightly blame him, Masters champion Adam Scott admitted when speaking to the press on Wednesday at before The Players Championship tees off on Thursday at TPC Sawgrass that not only does he gaze upon it lovingly, he dons his green jacket every day. But who wouldn’t? If I were him, I’d wear it all the time, including while doing mundane chores. Walking out to get the paper in the morning? Yep. A quick run to the supermarket? Sure. Throw it on without pants to water the plants on the patio? You better believe it.

Here is what Scott had to say about his peculiar habit:

“When I walk in the closet I put the green jacket on every morning, I do. I’ve enjoyed that I’ve missed it the last couple days. It’s the first couple days I haven’t had it with me, so that’s been a lot of fun, just wearing it around the house.”

Wait. When he walks in the closet every morning? Oh, I see, he’s one of those fuddy-duddies who simply cannot get by in life without a walk-in closet. I guess now that he’s won a major, a regular closet wouldn’t suit him. He’s like one of those obnoxious women on House Hunters. Yeah, I can totally see that. And yeah, I suppose he had a walk-in closet long before he won the Masters. But you know what I’m talking about.

Question: When Adam Scott does exit his walk-in closet after donning the green jacket, does his caddie, Steve Williams, jump out from the ensuite bathroom and try to insert himself in the moment by giving him a high five? Just wondering, because that would be so Stevie.

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