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Phillie Phanatic vs. Lou Seal in an art duel: Who ya got? (video)


On Tuesday, the Phillie Phanatic — a longtime favorite here at the Sportress and the bizarre mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies — faced off against Lou Seal — the beloved sea mammalian mascot of the San Francisco Giants — in an oddly conceived art duel at AT&T Park while their respective baseball teams engaged in an on-field duel of baseball skill.

So, who won? Which MLB mascot reigns supreme with an easel in front of it and a palette and brush in hand? Or paw? Or whatever the appendage at the end of their respective arms is called? Find out below.

I only wonder what the canoe hippies out in McCovey Cove thought of this exhibition. I guess we’ll never know.


Boy, that’s a tough call. I haven’t been this perplexed about art since I skipped the entire semester of Art History and showed up for the final. Yeah, that didn’t go well.

[H/T Cut4]