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Couple’s breakup caught on Kiss Cam is totally fake but still amusing (video)


A video featuring footage from a May 3 Fresno Grizzlies game purports to feature footage of a young woman reaching the end of her rope with her boyfriend while appearing on the stadium’s Kiss Cam.

Sadly, the video is in all likelihood staged, a clever exercise in total deception and hackneyed fakery.

Judge for yourself.

The Grizzlies, the Triple-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, uploaded the video to its YouTube page and since then, it has appeared on multiple sites, including Cut4 and The Outside Corner. The video features the couple initially appearing on the Kiss Cam, but boyfriend is too busy on his cell phone to acknowledge his girlfriend’s wishes to perhaps show his affection for her and commit to a public display of affection.

Later, the cameras return to the couple and the guy still is gabbing away on his phone. She’s finally had enough and proceeds to dump her drink on him before storming off.

Come on, there’s simply no way this can be real. I mean, I don’t care how made a person is at his or her significant other, who in their right mind would waste that kind of money dumping a costly ballpark drink on a person?

Still, kudos to the Fresno Grizzlies. At the time of this post, the video published on Tuesday has already garnered over 200,000 views. A nice piece of guerrilla marketing, wouldn’t you say?