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A couple of hippies in a canoe nearly went overboard in McCovey Cove (video)


Kicking back in a kayak, canoe catamaran or any other smallish seafaring vessel while waiting for home run balls to plunge into the waters of McCovey Cove outside of AT&T Park has become a time-honored tradition for San Francisco Giants fans not terrified by water.

Two hippies taking it sleazy in a kayak almost learned the hard way that the sea can be a cruel mistress as one of the guys nearly fell into the water while attempting to retrieve a long, towering foul ball off the bat of Kung Fu Panda, also known as Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval, during the third inning as the Giants hosted the Philadelphia Phillies.Via

Nice flannels, bros. Forget the suggestion that they’re a couple of San Francisco-based hippies still believing that Haight-Ashbury is still the place to be, these guys are stuck in the grunge era of the early ’90s. I’m laying 10-1 odds that one of them is wearing a Nirvana shirt. You know, strictly for the irony. The other guy? Man, he’s wearing a Mudhoney tee because he keeps it real.

On the other hand, they do kind of look like HGTV’s the Property Brothers.


Hey, it’s possible.

[H/T The700Level]