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Rest in peace? Company selling officially licensed MLB caskets (photo)


From time to time, a story surfaces about an obituary that was written for a big-time sports fan who has shuffled off this mortal coil that contains a comical or bitter reference to a specific player or particular team. Usually, these news items are worth a chuckle or two, and then for those of us fortunate enough to still be among the living, life goes on.

For some, perhaps a well-crafted zinger or barb about their favorite team from beyond the grave isn’t sufficient enough testament to their profound devotion to a particular franchise. And for those folks, there is Brand Memorials, a company that specializes and sells officially licensed, Major League Baseball-themed caskets. That way, fans can spend eternity housed inside a coffin bearing the logo of his or her beloved MLB team.

Why not, right?

Via Brand Memorials’ Facebook page:

The official Major League Baseball™ burial caskets. All teams available. Burial caskets for the lifelong baseball fan. They are 18-gauge steel with a jet black exterior adorned with wood veneer, team emblems and the world-famous MLB™ Batter emblem. The velvet interior is trimmed with an addtional team emblem and MLB™ Batter emblem, with a large team emblem on the interior headpanel. Official MLB™ Hologram sticker affixed to left, bottom corner of casket. Measurements are: I.D. 79″ x 23.5″ x 15″ and O.D. 83″ x 28″ x 23.75″

Brand Memorials charges $2,399 (plus shipping) for the casket to be delivered to the funeral home of your choice, which is interesting. Why can’t you have one of these bad boys shipped directly to your home? I imagine some baseball fans — I’m looking at you, Chicago Cubs backers (although there are many other fan bases — Houston Astros fans, for sure) — who wouldn’t mind crawling into one of these during the often long and torturous baseball season.

[Via FOX 6 Milwaukee, H/T Eye on Baseball]